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Free widget visitor counter tool for your website! Simply enter the domain or URL. Click "Submit" button and the HTML code for your counter will be appear in the text area. Copy and paste the code before the closing "</footer>" or "</body>" tags or inside a container with an identifier "<div id='footer'>" on your web pages. That is all, you have a brand new modern visitor counter!

Why should you use the Website Visitor Counter widget?

Free Online Tools want to provide you with many tools for SEO and web development. This website visitors tracker tool can help you monitor your website traffic.

This page will generate a code that you can place on a location by your choice (usually at the bottom of the page). You can also change the layout through the CSS settings for the relevant elements.

In our opinion, a website with a visitor counter attracts new visitors and adds value to the website.

Our free website visitor counter widget is very reliable. There is no registration needed to use this widget and you can customize it freely. Of course to keep our work appreciated we require that the counter image be placed with a link to Free Online Tools. You can put this website page counter tool on all pages for a complex result.

Visitor counter widget

Example view of your website traffic counter below. You can change the view settings by placing your custom styles in each element of the counter container. For a comprehensive result, insert the free web page counter code on every page of your website. Also consider setting up a visitor tracking system for your website.

visitor counter
0 0 0 0 0 0 0
visitor counter


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